Bayern Munich Won't Win The Champions League With These Performances

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Bayern Munich Won’t Win The Champions League With These Performances

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19 comentarios

  1. yooooo chill tf out, we lost 5 fucking games with flick ffs. do we only have to fucking win, i mean look at the other teams left in ucl, theyre in worse forms than us. we just need our players need to be motivated and thats it

  2. I literally follow every Bayern fan page on Twitter and Instagram and we already start the agendas. Get rid of the trash and get in quality players. Frankie De Jong and Florian now Upamecano Schuurs not Mileteo.

  3. The thing is we have all the good players. Bayern won against Ateletico comfortably. Also Bayern don't have to sign many players we just have to reposition. Kimmich can go RB especially pushing forward. You can have goretzka and ROCA play. I swear it will work out. Roca played 3 games and its easy to say that he is the obvious choice for midfield. He better than tolisso as he creates chances and he also press reistant.

  4. Tbh with everyone Roca has looked way better than tolisso actually and he’s the only press resistance midfielder we should play him and develop him more he can become the next Thiago since Roca knows dribbling too against Kiel he came on looked way better than tolisso otherwise have Lucas Nianzou as defenders of nianzou stays fit otherwise move him to RB and Richards at CB or Sule at CB.

  5. The team is falling down that ain’t happening we need defenders the power is lost we need to get it again
    I think we will win the Bundesliga but not the champions ligue if we lost for the irk what team is it y’all think we will win against lazio
    It’s not Alba or sarr or every anyone all of the defenders and being weak but Davis is good but it think his power is decreasing
    We need to get back perisic and coutinho they are good also any defenders will be fine also Thiago we need to be 2019-2020 team not 2021

  6. Bayern next season :
    Strikers: Lewandowski, arp, milik
    Cam: muller, musiala
    Lm/rm : sane, coman, gnabry, seib
    Cm/cdm: kimmich, goretzka, neuhaus, Roca.
    Lb: davies, richards
    Rb: mouzrauai, pavard
    Cb: sule, Lucas, upamacano, Richards, kouassi.
    Gk: neuer, nubel, Hoffmann.
    Coach: flick

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