Bayern Munich OUT of the DFB Pokal! Is their Bundesliga dominance in jeopardy? | ESPN FC

Bayern Munich’s midseason woes continue, this time losing to second division side Holstein Kiel on penalties in the German DFB Pokal. ESPN FC’s Jurgen Klinsmann is on hand to put into context what this shock result means for football in Germany, as well as his take on the ongoing problems Bayern have at the back.

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  1. Holstein Kiel (2. Bundesliga) played some very good football. You don't get 40% ball possession and 80% passing accuracy against Bayern for nothing, Kiel's calmness, vision, position play and technique on the ball was very good (not just for a 2nd ties side). Kiel are now 3. in the league, I hope they make the promotion, because they belong into the Bundesliga.
    After the (undeserved) 2-1, Kiel were the better team, and finally punished Bayern, who so often this Bundesliga season get away with everything. This time there was no third lucky goal or 5 Manuel Neuer saves.
    Had Kiel had more pace upfront, Bayern would have lost within the first 90 minutes, because apart from individual quality (which pace is a huge part of), Kiel were the better team.

  2. Surely, it is time for commentators to stop calling Bayern "the top team in the world." They've been OK but NOT great all season, and for the last month or so they've been riding their luck while being fairly awful at times. Robert Lewandowski's goal scoring prowess had, until recently, distracted many from noticing the appalling defensive rot at Bayern.

  3. Holstein Kiel really played well..kudos to them. They proved to us that with the right tactics, every team is beatable. This should be a message to all the other teams in the bundesliga, who give up when playing with Bayern. Play with your heart and attack, every team is beatable

  4. As Said by a German to Me during Bayern's Clash with Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu . Once We Everything ? We Lose the Motivation . That was the time when Pep was Managing them & his words still seems true . He said the Problems isn't Pep but the players who doesn't feel like winning it & he said he has watched many games & player body languages before the win & after the win are opposite. They don't try that hard

  5. Even if you keep conceding 1 goal a game you know that's a problem for a top team. They like it or not, Bayern have to acknowledge that they are in crisis. You can remain relax if you choose to but please say goodbye to UCL in advance.

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